‘HOTEL ELIENA’ informs you about the use and management of the video information processed by Hotel ELIENA through the operation and management policy of the video information processing device.

Article 1 Establishment basis and purpose of video information processing equipment.

According to Article 25 paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act of the Party Hotel, information processing devices are installed and operated for the following purposes:
  - Safety of facilities and prevention of fire
  - Preventing crimes for the safety of customers

※ In case of a size exceeding 30 parking spaces, installation and operation can be carried out based on Article 6 paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Rules of the Parking Lot Act.

Article 2 Number of installations, location of installation and range of filming
Number of installations location of installation, and range of footage
185 Public area in the hotel (parking lot, lobby, elevator, etc.)
Article 3 Management and access authority

In order to protect your image information and to handle complaints regarding personal image information, we have a person in charge of protecting personal image information as follows.

Team Name Position Telephone
Management Officer Facility Team Jeon Jung Bae Management +82 2 3440 9207
Article 4 Consignment of Handling of Video Information Processing Devices

In order to implement the service, the hotel consigns the handling of video information processing devices as shown below. The related statutes stipulate the matters necessary to ensure that personal information is safely managed in the consignment contract.

Article 5 Cancellation of Reservation
Filming Time Storage period Storage location
24 hours 1 month Disaster prevention room
Article 6 Matters concerning the identification method and location of personal video information
Article 7 Action for requests such as viewing video information of information subjects

You may request the operator of the video processing unit to view, verify the existence, or delete the personal video information at any time.

However, it is limited to the personal video information you filmed and clearly necessary for the benefit of the urgent life, body and property of the information subject.

Hotel ELIENA will take the necessary action without delay if requested to access or confirm the existence or delete the personal video information

Article 8 Measures to secure the safety of video information

Video information processed safely managed through encryption measures.

In addition, as a management measure for the protection of personal image information at the hotel, the company differentiates the right to access personal information, and records and manages the creation date of personal video information, purpose of access, and duration of access to and from the purpose of reading it when it is opened, in order to prevent forgery and alteration of personal image information. In addition, we are installing a lock for safe physical storage of personal video information.

Article 9 Items on the Change of Privacy Policy

The video processing device operation and management policy was enacted on September 19, 2014. If there is any additional, deletion or modification of the contents according to the statutes, policies, or security technology change, the reason for the change and contents will be announced at least seven days before implementation on the website.

First Announcement Date: 22 September 2022


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